The Minimalists

the minimalists
My husband and I went to see The Minimalists speak this weekend at the Oriental Theater here in Denver. The Minimalists are two friends, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, who decided to clear out all of the clutter from their lives to make room for what truly brings value to them. Their latest book Everything That Remains has inspired me a great deal. They are in the middle of a 100-city tour and you should see them if you can. Anyway, after hearing them speak, we mosied on over to the bookbar for conversation and drinks with our friend, Jen. Seeing The Minimalists stop in along with Colin Wright (definite minimalist), I grabbed some bar napkins and quickly sketched these guys with a borrowed pen. For years I’ve liked using napkins when there is no sketchbook in hand and I spontaneously have an urge to draw. Sometimes I keep the drawings and sometimes I give them away. I gave these away, understanding that they’d most likely give them away themselves, being minimalists and all. There is something freeing about not having to hold on to everything I value. Perhaps I am a minimalist in progress.

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